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Kategorie: General #OngoingNakbaDays - Demonstration zum Tag der Nakba / ذكرى النكبة

15. Mai 2022

Nobody has forgotten and everyone of us is resisting

Palestine Speaks is inviting you to participate in our demonstration to commemorate the Nakba on its 74th year. We are starting from a square near the Skulptur " Bronze man " Seewenjestraße 106, 28237 Bremen , in response to the repeated attempts to exclude us and our cause from the public sphere by the German authorities through defamation, prevention and silencing.

The commemoration of the Nakba is a reminder that our narrative is a legacy that is made and circulated in public squares and among the people.

We invite you to join our demonstration on May 15 at 13 pm.

Join us to stop normalizing the continues Nakba and the suffering of the Palestinians and to show the importance of our collective resistance everywhere.

#freepalestine #palestine #palestinespeaks #ongoingnakba #apartheid #antizionist #palestineDemo

Parkanlage Bronze Man -
google maps: 4Q78+QM Bremen

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