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Hal Tafhamni? Do you understand me? هل تفهمني ؟


هل تفهمني ؟
Hal Tafhamni?
Do you understand me?

What do you actually know about deaf people in Palestine? Do you know their language? It is so easy to look the other way, but this time try to listen with your eyes and talk with your hands.

We are a group of Palestinian and German students participating in an exchange program called YALLAH.

It is a cooperation between Birzeit University in Palestine and Siegen University in Germany. The first part of the exchange took place in April 2016 with the visit of the German students coming to Palestine.

The second part will takes in August 2016 in Germany. Concerning social innovations we created project groups.

Our group is focused on people with special needs and how we could help them to make life easier for them. With the help of interviews we found out that there are not many possibilities for deaf people in the palestinian society because only a few people are able to talk their language: the sign language. Here is when we join the game.

Visit the webpage: http://haltafhamni.com/

Do you understand me