Veranstaltungen im Mai–Juli 2020

  • From Corbyn to Sanders: Are Zionist Organizations Targeting Progressive Politicians? (Part Two)
  • Key to Justice: May 14 webinar with Rafeef Ziadah, Marta Ill and Rey Perez Asis
  • Nakba72: The Continuation of Colonisation - Annexation and Peace
    Nakba Day Rally 2020 #SpreadSolidarity
  • Coronavirus and annexation: a report from Palestine
    Livestream: Hungerschreie in halbkolonialen Ländern
  • Webinar: Stop Settlements – On the Road to Justice in Palestine
  • Why Palestine is Still the Issue - FFIPP UK
  • Resisting Apartheid: Decolonising UK Campuses
  • Time for Thinking around a Single Democratic State in Palestine
  • The Truth: Lost at Sea. Film Screening & Panel Discussion
  • Student Webinar: Divest Now! Building for Justice on Campus
  • Combating a Virus: Militarism and Securitization Under Covid-19