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Berlin: Fr 18.08. Filmvorführung The Wanted 18

Filmscreening: The Wanted 18

Wann: Freitag, 18. August von 19:00 – 20:15 Uhr

Wo: Eiszeitkino, Zeughofdtr. 20, 10997 Berlin

Presented by: Wish You Were Here – AFAC MUSIC and FILM Summer Festival

THE WANTED 18 – Palestine/Canada/France/ UAE, 2014, Color and B&W, 75 minutes, in Arabic and Hebrew. With subtitles in English.
Produced by: Ina Fichman, Saed Andoni, Dominique Barnaud
Directed by: Amer Shomali & Paul Cowan,
Written by: Paul Cowan
Cinematography: German Gutierrez, Daniel Villeneuve
Animation: Michelle Lannen (Design), Dominique Coté (Art Direction), Myriam Elda Arsenault (Head Animator)
Drawings: Amer Shomali
Edited by: Aube Foglia
Original Music by: Benoit Charest
Voices: Alison Darcy, Heidi Foss, Rosann Nerenberg, Holly Uloth O’Brien

For most of the world, the Palestinian First Intifada (1987-1993) is a forgotten political event, that preceded the signing of the Oslo Agreements. The civilian unarmed insurgency that swept through the Occupied Territories, included protests, widespread refusal to pay taxes to the Israeli army, civil disobedience, and the creation of an alternative economy as a stepping stone for self-sufficiency and sovereignty.
In the town of Beit Sahur a group of men and women decide to buy cows, eighteen exactly, to produce their own milk as a cooperative. Their venture is so successful that the farm becomes a landmark and the cows, local celebrities… until the Israeli army takes note declares the cows as a ‘threat to the national security of the state of Israel’. The dairy venture is forced to operate in the underground and the cows have to go into hiding.
The Wanted 18 revisits that compelling chapter in the recent history of Palestine, from the perspective of the cows and the activists, using stop-motion animation, drawings, archival footage and interviews, the outcome is an enchanting reflection on the ingenuity and power of grassroots activism, that underlines the wisdom that violence is a failure of the imagination.