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Berlin: 10.02.2015 – In the Darkroom with Steve Sabella

Directed & Produced by Nadia Johanne Kabalan

Berlin Independant Film Festival (6.-12. Feb)

Zeit: 19:30 Uhr
Ort: Babylon / Shorts Block V

The short documentary is a sensitive portrait of Steve Sabella, one of the most thriving artists from Palestine today. It gives an insider view of the artist’s practice, in which photographic technique and material experiments become a necessary tool of introspection and visual investigation of the past. While the series Metamorphosis (2012) reveals Sabella’s transformation after an inner and outer conflict based on his experience of occupation, 38 days of re-collection (2013-2014) documents the excavation of a forgotten and re-imagined history of Jerusalem. In dark, fluid and deliberate images, personal narratives come to light in the darkroom – the womb that brings images and imaginations to life.

“When you are in the darkroom, you don’t speak with anyone. The only thing you speak with is …art.”

Steve Sabella
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